H&M opens it’s first store in Tijuana

by - 2/03/2023


I think everyone in Tijuana is happy that H&M has finally opened in Peninsula, the new shopping center to the east of the city.

Whether you have a visa to cross into the United States or not, this store is a great fit for all consumers in Tijuana because you can have access to more clothing at a good price and quality, without having to wait long lines at the San Ysidro or Otay Mesa Port of Entry. 

The first day H&M opened, I gave myself the task of visiting the store and all my expectations were met. I saw great quality in the clothes, the same as in the stores in the United States or in other parts of Mexico.

And what I loved the most, was that the vast majority of the clothes are priced in dollars and pesos, which makes it easy to compare the prices with the clothes that are sold in San Diego.

Most of the items that I liked, were priced very similar to those in the United States, except that in Mexico you don't have to pay taxes separately, so in the end, the clothes are cheaper at H&M Tijuana compared to any H&M in the United States.


Long lines

Of course, on opening day, the lines were very long to pay, I did not buy anything on the first day so I don't know exactly how long it took to buy the clothes, but I don't think those long lines will end anytime soon because of the newness of the mall, which barely opened its doors to Tijuana residents a few months ago.

Watch below in a 1 minute video the complete experience of the new H&M in Tijuana

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