New Mean Girls Movie: Tiny Things You May Have Missed including Ariana Grande Reference

by - 1/12/2024


Here are 5 tiny things you may have missed in the new Mean Girls movie:

From Ariana Grande through Broadway jokes, here are some of the tiny things you may have missed in the new movie version of Mean Girls based in their successful Broadway production.


1) Broadway characters


Renee Rapp was Regina George on the Mean Girls Broadway musical, so this movie is not the first time the American singer and song-writer acts this role.


Ashley Park, better known for her role in Netflix's Emily in Paris, she originated the role of Gretchen Wieners in the Broadway musical Mean Girls, for which she was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical. In this new movie of Mean Girls, she has a small role, as a French teacher.

2) Ariana Grande reference


In the Winter Talent Show, you can hear Jaquel Spivey's character, Damian Hubbard say "Thank You, Next" after the chaos in the stage, but also referring to Ariana Grande's musical video of "Thank U, Next" where she acts out the Mean Girl's original movie Winter Talent Show, and even has Kris Jenner acting as Regina's mom.

3) Fetch


This iconic word created in Tiny Fey's original Mean Girl movie from 2004, has a different origin story. Gretchen played by Bebe Wood says she heard the word in an "old movie" referring to the original movie, while in the 2000's movie, Gretchen says "Fetch" is slang in London.

4) Megan Thee Stallion in the Mean Girl's TikTok Algorithm


Blink twice and you miss it, but you can see Megan Thee Stallion as herself in the Mean Girl's TikTok Algorithm while they show multiple TikTok videos with real-life influencers talking about Regina George in the movie. The American Rapper has a song with Rapp, "Not My Fault" that plays over the film's end credits.

5) Lindsay Lohan's new role and lines


While Lindsay Lohan played the main character in the original Mean Girl's movie, in the 2024 movie, she managed to secretly play a new role, the unnamed judge presiding over the mathlete competition. Her new iconic lines refer to her playing the original Cady character with quotes like. "Honey, I don't know your life", and "Well, this has only ever happened once before".

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